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Need to park your vehicle while you travel?  CWA has newly refinished parking lots and upgraded parking equipment for your convenience.  All lots have the same fee structure and include handicap parking stalls.  Electric vehicle charging stations have been installed in the main lot on the west end.  See below map for exact location.


Parking Rates

Parking is available with a credit/debit card only.  For your convenience and safety, cash is no longer accepted for parking payments. 


Up to 3 Hours

Over 3 Hours

Daily Fee

Weekly Fee



$1.00/hr max $10




Parking Instructions

To enter a parking lot, pull up to any parking lot entrance gate and take a ticket to enter the lot.  Park in a stall of your choice and leave the parking ticket in your vehicle or put in a secure location to ensure the ticket will be available upon your return.

To exit the parking lot, pull up to any parking lot exit gate and scan the double bar code side of the ticket.  The parking exit machine will display the parking fee due and provide directions for fee payment.  Most major credit cards and bank debit cards are accepted.

If you need assistance with any part of the parking process, push the HELP button on any entrance or exit machine and you will be connected with a CWA employee.  To contact a CWA employee directly, dial 715-581-5374.

Parking Area Map

Parking Lot Map-EV.jpg
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