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Airport Planning

The Central Wisconsin Airport completed a Master Plan in 2019 to ensure short, medium, and long-term needs of the airport are met.  The key planning areas studied included:  Runway intersection, passenger terminal concourse, general aviation facilities, and snow removal equipment storage and maintenance facilities.  The planning effort included multiple community outreach meetings, Technical Advisory Committee meetings, and presentations to the Central Wisconsin Joint Airport Board.  The end result included an FAA approved Airport Layout Plan. 


The Master Plan documents, Airport Layout Plan, and FAA approvals can be viewed in the links below.

CWA Rules & Regulations 

CWA's updated Rules & Regulations and Minimum Standards help ensure a safe, consistent and transparent operating environment for all airport users.  The finalized documents were approved by the Central Wisconsin Joint Airport Board on November 8, 2022.  Questions regarding CWA's Rules & Regulations or Minimum Standards may be submitted HERE.

CWA Terminal Area Master Plan

CWA has begun a Terminal Area Master Plan project to reevaluate airport landside needs based on evolving activity trends, identify proposed short and long term landside facility needs, prepare a practical and feasible capital improvement plan, apply sustainable practices to future airport construction, operations and maintenance, and position the airport to tap new and emerging capital funding sources.

2019 CWA Master Plan 

Chapter 1:  Inventory

The purpose of this chapter is to identify relevant Airport information and establish a baseline for facility planning.

Chapter 2:  Forecasts

Projections of future Airport activity included in this chapter will be used to determine current and future Airport needs.

Chapter 3:  Facility Requirements

This chapter reviews facility needs at the Airport based on current facility conditions, and projects future activity and the Airport's roll in the local, regional, and national economies and airport systems.

Chapter 4:  Alternatives

This chapter presents feasible alternatives for meeting needs documented in the previous chapters.

Chapter 5:  Environmental Overview

This chapter presents an overview of environmentally sensitive features on and surrounding the Airport, to identify potential environmental effects resulting from the proposed 20-year development plan.

Chapter 6:  Implementation Plan

This chapter identifies issues relevant to funding and implementation of the conceptual development plan presented in Chapter 4 of this Master Plan.

FAA Approvals

2023 CWA Terminal Area Master Plan 

Chapter 1:  Inventory & Requirements

Chapter 2:  Sustainability Plan

Chapter 3:  Alternatives Analysis

Chapter 4:  Implementation Plan


FAA Approvals

Airport Tarmac Delay Contingency Plan

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